Petros Shiailis Aluminum Ltd started its operations in the early 1960s in the field steel and metal constructions and then in that of aluminum constructions. From its foundation days until now the company shows only an upward trend of success.

Since the first days of its establishment, the company Petros Shiailis Aluminum Ltd has created very significant strategic partnerships with major architectural firms in Cyprus. Our Company stands out strong in our field of operations, offering specialized solutions and advisory services thus keeping happy customers on the quality of our products and know-how.

The company is continuously expanding and develops new services with more economical solutions for prospect customers.

The cooperation of customers with our company is not impersonal, because for us, every client, whether big or small, we are always next to him. Our company policy is the result of the messages we get from customers with a basic criterion being service and quality of construction and services offered.

The company's success and solid back ground is based on quality, the continuous training on technology know how and the proper treatment and service of customers.


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